• Difference Between The Top Classifieds Websites

    Classifieds websites are free of charge websites in which the users can place advertisements in different categories for the sale of products and services. It has become an effective option in the advertising needs of a business. A few of the top classifieds websites are Craigslist, Let Go, Gum Tree, OLX, Adpost etc. Each of these websites is free classifieds website but there are distinct in their own way. classifieds advertising is not the only option available for business owners and individual users because there are various types of advertising available for each and every user.

    Each classifieds website has distinct features. We shall discuss this briefly further. Let us take the examples of three top classifieds websites – OLX, Craigslist and Quikr. While Craigslist was founded over two decades old, the other two are little over a decade in operations. One major difference among these top classifieds websites is that OLX and Craigslist has global operations but Quikr serves the Indian market only as of today. The other major difference is that now, Quikr has door pickup and delivery systems which the other two giants in this segment do not have yet.

    Another difference is that among these three free classifieds websites, according to statistics released; OLX gets a much better response in terms of buyers' interests in comparison to the other two. One feature in Quikr is that it does not have a compulsory option for the sharing of the contact number of the seller to the prospective buyers. Only if the seller wishes on receiving the inquiry by a prospective buyer, will the contact details be shared via the medium to the buyer.

    OLX is headquartered in Buenos Aries, Argentina, Craigslist in San Diego, USA and Quikr in Mumbai, India. All three websites have a number of categories in which registered users can buy and sell items. Sites like giantfocal.com and gadgetstouse.com have regular articles on different such websites on a variety of topics.

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